Have Your Cake and Eat It Too™

Buy, sell, and value insurance books of business.


Cake connects independent insurance agents looking to sell a book of business or a slice – a chosen group of accounts – with other agents looking to grow their business.

Now you can buy, sell, and get a valuation for your book, all with Cake.

The future is sweet.

At Cake, we believe in simplifying the process of accessing liquidity and strategic growth for independent insurance agents. Our platform is built around the idea that buying and selling books of business or slices of accounts shouldn’t be a complex and cumbersome process. Instead, we keep agents first and introduce transparency, simplicity, and convenience into transactions.

Looking to sell?

We simplify the process of accessing liquidity for independent insurance agents.

The Cake advantage.

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Streamlined transactions.

Designed as an industry-exclusive marketplace, Cake caters to agents’ unique needs, fostering success while preserving the confidentiality of all involved parties.

Cake's facilitates streamlined transactions for independent insurance agents by simplifying business acquisition processes, offering advanced filtering options for customized searches, maintaining privacy during listings, and providing a secure transaction process. 

Valuation clarity.

Cake's AI-enhanced Book Valuation tool helps agents understand the true worth of their business, bringing clarity and confidence to transactions. 

Our model analyzes key metrics to provide a comprehensive view of the business value and pricing transparency. Coupled with an understanding of the current market conditions, it allows independent insurance agents to make informed decisions when engaging in transactions, whether buying or selling parts or entire books of business.

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Flexibility and freedom.

Our platform enables independent insurance agents to buy and sell not only entire books of business but also fractional sales with slices of their books.

This provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and control for agents. As an independent insurance agent, your book of business is more than just your livelihood. It's a tangible manifestation of your hard work, experience, and commitment to your clients. You deserve control over its future.

Looking to grow your business?

We unlock strategic growth for independent insurance agents.

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