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Slices – carve outs of your full book – give you a new way to unlock potential deal flow.

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AN ACQUISITION MARKETPLACE Built for independent agents

Instantly unlock your valuation

Discover your agency’s value with the metrics that matter.

Valuation Benefits
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Connect your book

Connect directly to your AMS, or upload your book.
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Get real-time insights

Unlock your valuation that reflects the latest market conditions.
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Explore your market fit

Cash in on the value in your business or grow your book.
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Access your valuation multiple

Monetize the value of your book

Transform your most valuable assets into liquidity you deserve.

Seller Benefits
Monetize UI=List (1)

List anonymously

Explore the market by listing your whole book or selected slices.
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Attract the right buyers

Connect with buyers that value what you've built.
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Transact on your terms

Collaborate confidently with flexible deal structures and direct payments.

List your entire book or slice.

Build value with acquisitions

Optimize your buying process, from search to acquisition.

Buyer Benefits
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Grow your agency

Create growth opportunities by promoting your agency.
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Explore new listings daily

Find books of business that fit with your goals to expand.
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Streamline discovery

Manage communications, analytics and transactions all in one place.
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Explore live listings from motivated sellers

GET YOUR VALUATION Know your book’s true value

Enter your book metrics and we’ll provide an estimate of your book value

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