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The Future is Sweet.

Buy and Sell Insurance Policies with Cake.

Cake is a new option for successful insurance agents. Whether you want to access the full potential of your wealth by selling some of your book of business, or if you want to grow your business by buying accounts, we have the tools you need!

Cake is the place to buy or sell your insurance business

With Cake, you can select the accounts, or slices, you want to sell - or buy - and transact with confidence. We make it easy to find the right buyer or seller, and our platform is secure and efficient. So whether you're looking to unload a few accounts or build your book of business, Cake is the place to do it. Come on in and get a piece of the action!

Create an account.

Tell us about your agency’s location, revenue, and mix of business.

Create your slice.

You to define your slice — a chosen group of accounts.

Buy or sell policies.

You get money for your accounts. The buyer gets the growth they want. Your clients get taken care of. Cool, right?

Buy and sell insurance accounts with Cake


How We Help Sellers

Cake is the right partner for you. We can help you sell your whole book of business or a slice – a chosen group of accounts – of your business. We aren’t just interested in helping you realize your wealth, we also want to help you maintain your independence. When you sell with Cake you keep control of the accounts you don’t sell.

How We Help Buyers

Cake connects you with independent insurance agents looking to sell a book of business or a slice, a chosen group of accounts. For now, we let you take it from there. But we have a host of features coming soon that will help support the transaction, qualify the accounts for sale, and provide market rates so you can compare before you buy.


Ready to learn more?

"Over the past 25 years, I've built one of the largest surety bond brokerages in the country. And when I monetized the agency, my life changed.”
Brook Smith Headshot
-Brook Smith, Cofounder
What is a slice?

A slice is a group of accounts you select out of your book of business to sell. The buyer will pay you a multiple of the combined revenue of the accounts in your slice.

How do you value my book of business?

The buyer will apply a multiple of revenue. Higher retention rates, higher sales or growth rates, and greater geographic and policy diversity could all lead to higher multiples.

Can I sell 100% of my insurance business?

Yes! That’s for you and the potential buyer to decide.

Do I get to keep running my company?

Yes. We want you to run it and thrive.


Why would I want to sell a slice of my insurance business?

You want to maximize your money now. To invest, to spend, to live the life you want. And keep running your business.

Until now, agency owners have looked forward to retirement as their chance for liquidity. But retirement is for the end of life. Cake is for now.

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