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Sell your book of business with ease.

Cake is the premier marketplace for selling insurance books of business. Our simple, efficient platform helps you maximize the value of your book of business.

We offer a range of options to suit your needs, from selling full books of business to account bundles − or slices − and single policies.

Optimize your book of business
Cake is about connections.

Why choose Cake?

Years of handshakes, working lunches, and long nights. It’s all led to this moment. Now you can see what a portion of your book is worth to the right buyer!

With Cake, you can easily and quickly unlock the potential of your business. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly find buyers and sellers.

Get quotes on portions of your book, access to liquidity, and continue to own and operate your business.

Have your cake and eat it too!

Get acquainted.

Tell us about your location, revenue, and mix of business.

Create your slice.

You to define your slice — a chosen group of accounts.

Sell your slices.

You get money for your accounts from the buyer your choose.

Ready to learn more?

What is a slice?

A slice is a group of accounts you select out of your book of business to sell. The buyer will pay you a multiple of the combined revenue of the accounts in your slice.

How do you value my book of business?

The buyer will apply a multiple of revenue. Higher retention rates, higher sales or growth rates, and greater geographic and policy diversity could all lead to higher multiples.

Can I sell 100% of my insurance business?

Yes! That's for you and the potential buyer to decide.

Do I get to keep running my agency?

Yes! Whatever slices of your book of business your decide not to sell you get to keep and run as usual. We want you to run it and thrive.

Why would I want to sell a slice of my insurance business?

You want to maximize your money now. To invest, to spend, to live the life you want. And keep running your business.

Until now, agency owners have looked forward to retirement as their chance for liquidity. But retirement is for later. Cake is for now.

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Unlock your wealth with Cake.

You’ve spent years building your business. And it worked. But the full potential of your wealth is locked away. With Cake, you’ll be able to realize the value of your book of business.