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Discover your book's value through Cake's Book Valuation tool.

Simple to use, it analyzes the primary metrics, offering you a comprehensive view of your business's value, bringing pricing transparency to the process.

Understand the value of your book.

Understanding your book's value gives you unprecedented confidence in transactions and a competitive edge. Armed with this knowledge, you can negotiate effectively, ensuring fair deals and favorable terms. It enables you to position your agency effectively, attract potential clients or partners, and differentiate yourself based on the worth of your business assets.

How can I determine my book's value?

As an insurance agent, your book of business is your most valuable asset. Don't let the process of finding the true value of your insurance book of business stress you out.

At Cake, we harness the power of machine learning to provide you with low, median, and high multiples of your book of business revenue, to confidently determine your agency's worth.

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