Ready to Buy or Sell a Book of Business?

Have your cake. You've earned it.

Cake is a new option for successful insurance agents.

We are the premier marketplace for buying or selling insurance books of business. Our simple, efficient platform helps connect insurance agents looking to transact a book of business.

We offer a range of options to suit your needs, from selling full books of business to account bundles, slices, and single policies. Buyers can search for books of business by carrier, state, or line of business.

Created by an independent agent, for independent agents.

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What's coming next?

We're new but we are here to stay. We are backed by industry experts who have executed successful exits and want to share their experiences.

For now, we bring together buyers and sellers. But we have a host of features coming soon that will help support the transaction, financial features that will make it easier to get access to capital, qualify the accounts, and provide market rates so you can compare before you buy or sell.

The short of it is, we want to grow with you. This is the new way forward and we can't wait to continue building with you.

Partner with Cake.

Cake is a marketplace that brings together independent insurance agents that want to buy or sell a slice, a chosen group of accounts.

We get acquainted with both sides through the account creation process and then match you with the right partner based on your needs.

The seller gets money for their accounts, the buyer gets the growth they want, and the clients continue receiving fantastic service. Cool, right?

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